tech. wet. Małgorzata Biegańska-Hendryk

Veterinary technician, cat dietitian, Certified behaviorist of companion animals, owner of kocibehawioryzm.pl. Conducts behavioral and nutritional consultations, consultant of cat behavior and feline diet. Since October 2019 she has been teaching a post-graduate course in cat studies at the Tischner European University in Krakow.. Author of articles, guides, and a blog. Speaker on behaviorism conferences in Poland, author of educational game about cats for children. Owner of 4 adopted cats: Stefan, Bunia, Kiwi and Opka.

tech. wet. Agnieszka Cholewiak-Góralczyk

Owner of Raw Cats and Dogs Foundation which popularizes healthy diets for cats and dogs, with a focus on raw feeding models (BARF, whole prey, Franken pray). Agnieszka specializes in creating diet plans for healthy animals as well as for animals with different diseases. She works as a diet consultant in one of the Warsaws veterinary clinics. Publishes articles in magazines for professionals as well as in ones ment for regular pet owners. She is the author of the book “Nie dla psa (i kota) kiełbasa, czyli jak zdrowo karmić swojego zwierzaka”.
She completed the COAPE Diploma Course which gives qualifications to be an animal behaviorist.

Magdalena Czaplak

Commodity Photographer by profession, photographer-traveler by passion. Since ten years she is wholehearthly engaged in world of cats and dogs. Magda works with homeless dogs and cats, helps them, and finds them forever homes. She also takes part in projects related to the health care of these animals. She is the president of the Dog Rescue Association and co-creates the Dog Rescue Academy. Magda owns six dogs and three cats.


DogFit is a unique well-being center for dogs. A place for building relationships between dogs and owners, as well as a dog gym, day care place and hair salon (grooming). They use the approach based on positive experience, fun and motivation. During the classes, trainers aim to change the way humans and dogs communicate with each other so, that their life together is based on trust, understanding and, most importantly, on sense of freedom even at the most unexpected situations. Their goal is to provide a professional and supportive environment in which the owner and his dog will develop together as a team, and the basis of any harmonious team is good communication, motivation and trust.

Jagoda Fedyniak

An electroradiologist by profession. After hours dogs and cats dietitian. Co-funder of BARFNE KOREPETYCJE, the organization that promotes natural, biologically appropriate nourishment of dogs and cats. She runs one of the largest educational discussion groups on Facebook – BARFNE KOREPETYCJE, which is a treasury of knowledge about the nutrition of dogs and cats on BARF. Co-author and one of the lecturers of training sessions about the BARF diet organized throughout Poland. Since 2016 cooperates with Vetfood. Together with her pets, she tests new products, helping to create perfect supplements. All animals lover. At the moment, owner of 2 dogs, 3 cats, a small flock of tarantulas, and a horned frog.

Magda Grabowska

A graduate of the University of Silesia in the field of sociology, specializing in social communication. She obtained her diploma in 2009. In 2011 she completed the 1st-degree Instructor Course at the Canid Kennel Center. In the years 2011 – 2012, post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Collegium Humanitatis, in the field of animal psychology – basic and application issues. She obtained the certificate in 2012. A graduate of the 2nd-degree Instructor course at the Canid Kennel Center in 2012. From January 2013 to November 2019, the head of the Canid Kennel Center in Katowice, where she organized and conducted dog training classes, behavioral consultations, workshops, and lectures. Since December 2019, she has been operating under her own brand. The workshop is a special space for people and dogs. Privately, mother of 3-year-old Łucja and owner of 9-year-old female, Mokka.

Julita Łubianka

She always loved dogs- since she was a little girl. She was also always a good runner. As a junior, she trained athletics – long-distance running. Her crown distance was 5000m. Canicross linked two passions into one. Julita started competing in 2016. She quickly realized that running with a dog is going well and in the 4th competition she took part in she won Polish Championships. Julita is a current Polish Champion, European Champion, and brown medalist of World Championships. She is a part of the national team of the Polish Dog Sled Sports Association and has an International Master Sport class. Owns three dogs – Dzyndzel, Mazak and Nugat.

Blanka Majewska

Catsitter, a graduate of the zoopsychologist vocational course, founder of the Catosfera Szczecin brand. In everyday work, together with her partner Adrian Turek, she provides catsitting service – care for a cat while clients are away. In line with the maxima, “prevention is better than cure” she also conducts acclimatization consultations, during which she supports owners in correct introducing the cat to the new environment and preparing it for changes (e.g. the appearance of a second cat, moving, enlargement of the family). She works with charities and animal associations. Privately, the owner of two adopted cats: Krówka and Burka.

Barbara Orzechowska

Since 2014 the owner of the „Kita w mieście” brand, She created the first and only hotel in Europe, where cats from different houses function together without separation. Zoopsychologist and dietitian of accompanying animals, Felinotherapy instructor. With assistance of cats she conducts therapy for healthy and dysfunctional children. Educates children and adults about the human-cat relations. Holds COAPE Advanced Diploma in Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training. From 2019, a lecturer at the Tischner European University in Kraków, postgraduate studies in Behaviorism in Companion Animals – Cat. Privately the owner of eight cats

Iga Tokarska

Masters Degree in Physiotherapy and Sport at the University of Physical Education in Wroclaw. Co-owner of the Bachmat Equestrian Club. An active competitor in show jumping. Competes since the age of seven. Her greatest successes are: the fifth place in the Polish Indoor Riders ‘Cup in Young Riders 2015, silver medal in the Polish Ladies’ Championships 2012, silver medal in the Polish Championships of Group B ponies, two won national competitions (Grand Prix) and many top places in 120 and 130 competitions. She prepares young horses from the start till nationwide and international competitions, also teaches horse riding. Together with her family, she runs a stable with over 40 horses, 2 dogs and 10 cats.

Zuzia Turecka

Dog Agility trainer, long-competing sportswoman, founder of the Dream Agility Team club. Proud owner of three dogs thanks to which she could start her trainer career – Kropka (york), Kohi (cocker spaniel), and Pixie (poodle). She started training Agility 10 years ago and since participating in beginner class fell in love with the sport. She achieved success competing teamed with each one of her-four legged friends, most important are – mixed-breed dogs Polish Champion, II Vice-Champion in the mixed-breed category, representant of Poland on European Championships with Kohi and Pixie. All her dogs competed in official classes: Kropka A2, Kohi and Pixie A3 (highest level). She loves Agility not only because her dogs learn something, but it also allows them to spend time together and improve their relations. Competitions, on the other hand, are a great possibility to visit faraway places in Poland and abroad as well as provides an opportunity to meet new people.

Ewa Salwerowicz–Skoczylas

She was brought up alongside animals since she was a child. Currently, she is the owner of two adopted cats – Mysia and Florka, as well as the tarantula Koks, she also co-owns the feisty dachshund Tola. Co-founder of BARFNE KOREPETYCJE, alongside Jagoda Fedyniak and Anna Górniak. Passionate about healthy and natural pet nutrition. Her interests include mainly dog and cat diets. For years, she has been promoting BARF nutrition (also its cooked counterpart) amongst animal owners. Provides individual dietary advice as far as possible. Co-host of Facebook groups BARFNE KOREPETYCJE & RAW CATS, BARFNE KOREPETYCJE & RAW DOGS, where she actively answers all questions and doubts of animal owners. Besides, she conducts training in BARF nutrition. She has been cooperating with the Vetfood brand since 2016, among others by writing articles for the Zwierzasfera and supporting the creation of perfect BARF supplements.

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