Hello, my name is Monika. I am honored to contribute to the development of Vetfood since 2014. I like my job and I come to the office every day with great pleasure. I really enjoy the atmosphere in the team, people are open, motivated and have a positive attitude. What is more, they all are enthusiasts and caring pet owners who are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience. All of the above, makes me feel that I am continuously developing.


My name is Mateusz. With my colleagues, I am co-creating Vetfood since 2016. I have a master’s degree in animal nutrition. In our company my job is to take care of product development. I have a pleasure to collaborate with research facilities and veterinarians from all over Poland. I’m an owner of 3 TTB dogs, 2 adopted mice and 1 spider which lives behind the washing machine. I spend my free time hiking with dogs, competing in dog shows and canine events.


My name is Anna – I have been working at Vetfood since August 2022. I am responsible for export sales and am the “first contact” for customers from abroad – I make sure that our cooperation develops and brings tangible benefits to each party. I have had the pleasure of working in the pet industry for many years – as a breeder of pedigree dogs I combine my duties with pleasure – I have the opportunity to get to know the products both from the pet owner’s side and from the manufacturer’s side. Free time is often spent at dog shows, walking, rollerblading, cycling and meeting friends. I am fortunate to work in an industry that is close to my heart and I very much appreciate this comfort.


My name is Ania and at Vetfood I am responsible for marketing activities, event coordination and cooperation
with ambassadors and professional customers. On a daily basis, I am a specialist in dealing with a million things at once and solving the most difficult problems. While making plans in my head, I walk miles with my cavalier Bendżi. In our spare time, we exercise our heads in sports obedience training. I love to cook, my second passion is photography. You can often find me with a camera at equestrian and cynological competitions.


Hi, my name is Asia. I joined the Vetfood team
team in 2021. I graduated from university with a degree in zootechnics Animal Nutrition and Dietetics. On a daily basis I have the pleasure to work on the development of our products. Privately, I love listening to crime podcasts
and psychology podcasts and spending time with my senior dog.


I started my work for Vetfood in 2016. This job enables me to develop my two passions – meeting new people and driving. I usually spend my free time on fresh air – in the Winter I’m skiing and in the Summer I’m fishing. I like good cinematography and rock music. In my work I value a friendly team and the possibility to develop.


My everyday work is an excellent example of passion and work combination. I love working with people. I believe that conversation is the most important tool that our civilization has. As a happy father, I’m constantly looking for new sources of patience and understanding. Big fan of a football that’s why in free time you’ll find me on a field.


My name is Karolina. I have had the pleasure of working with the Vetfood brand since 2021. I cooperate with doctors from Lower Silesia area. I am a dog lover who has always taught me patience. In my free time I enjoy cooking and reading books.


My name is Marta. I joined Vetfood team in February 2022. I am an open-minded person with a positive attitude to life. I like challenges and working with people. I am a mother of two fantastic and naughty kids who do not let me get bored;)

I devote my free time to all kinds of physical activity.


I work in Vetfood since 2012. I’m open to people and always smiling. I like talking to people and I love animals. I’m an owner of English Bulldog which teaches me patience and humility. I’m interested in motorization and travel. In my free time I do sports.


I have been learning to love animals since 2005, when I became the guardian of Nouthi the cat. Nowadays, we also have a female Flora in our foster and, weather permitting, we also have flies, ladybirds and grasshoppers. After work at Vetfood, I take my console, records and speakers and make people happy by giving them reasons to dance until dawn. I spend my spare time around cars, because I like to get everything playing and buzzing!


Hi, my name is Damian. I am an animal scientist specialising in canine nutrition. I joined the Vetfood team in 2022. In my spare time, I try to find an effective way to tire out my dog, who has an inexhaustible amount of energy. I also take walks in the mountains and forests, read fantasy books and play board games.


Hi, I’m Kasia. I joined the Vetfood team as a trainee technologist in November 2022. I graduated with a degree in animal bioengineering and a master’s degree in biotechnology. In my free time, I like to immerse myself in reading and scientific trivia in a field close to my field of study. I enjoy baking cupcakes, especially muffins with themed decorations made from sugar paste.”

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