My everyday work is an excellent example of passion and work combination. I love working with people. I believe that conversation is the most important tool that our civilization has. As a happy father, I’m constantly looking for new sources of patience and understanding. Big fan of a football that’s why in free time you’ll find me on a field.


Cat lady. Stubborn individualist. Football and crosswords lover. Member of „always cold club”. Retired kickboxer. Former pianist. Aquarius, Pal and a friend. Homegrown designer. Books lover. Handyman, Open to people. Free time knitter. Consultant. In love with Vetfood <3


Hello, my name is Monika. I am honored to contribute to the development of Vetfood since 2014. I like my job and I come to the office every day with great pleasure. I really enjoy the atmosphere in the team, people are open, motivated and have a positive attitude. What is more, they all are enthusiasts and caring pet owners who are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience. All of the above, makes me feel that I am continuously developing.


Hello, my name is Łukasz. In Vetfood I’m a sales representative in North Poland. I’m a big lover of hunting dog breeds From the passion for the breed I’ve decided to create my own Bavarian Mountain Hound kennel.


My name is Karolina. My role in Vetfood focuses on contact with professional customers.

As a private person, I’m the owner of three Belgian Malinois. I spend my free time on obedience and IGP training. To check our training results we take part in national and international competitions. I also like to help beginners to learn rules of dog training sport and every day as well.


I work in Vetfood since 2012. I’m open to people and always smiling. I like talking to people and I love animals. I’m an owner of English Bulldog which teaches me patience and humility. I’m interested in motorization and travel. In my free time I do sports.


My name is Mateusz. With my colleagues, I am co-creating Vetfood since 2016. I have a master’s degree in animal nutrition. In our company my job is to take care of product development. I have a pleasure to collaborate with research facilities and veterinarians from all over Poland. I’m an owner of 3 TTB dogs, 2 adopted mice and 1 spider which lives behind the washing machine. I spend my free time hiking with dogs, competing in dog shows and canine events.


I started my work for Vetfood in 2016. This job enables me to develop my two passions – meeting new people and driving. I usually spend my free time on fresh air – in the Winter I’m skiing and in the Summer I’m fishing. I like good cinematography and rock music. In my work I value a friendly team and the possibility to develop.

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