Anti-Herpes is a product containing L-lysine – an amino acid necessary for cats that performs a number of important functions in their body.

L-lysine, either directly or as an ingredient of many biologically active compounds, has an effect on proper building of skeleton, nervous system, circulatory system, cell aging processes and the immune system – increased lysine concentration interferes with the replication process of herpesvirus, which may reduce the severity of infection symptoms and FHV-1 virus spreading.

Due to the fact that L-lysine is involved in so many processes occurring in the cat’s body, its deficiencies may be unspecificly manifested both in the form of anemia, as well as through hair loss or weakening of immunity. The consequence of L-lysine deficiency in the diet is, among others, muscle loss or disruption of protein biosynthesis.


  • supportively to stimulate immunity in cats during periods of increased risk of herpesvirus symptoms occurrence (stress, reduced immunity, weakness of the body, contact with foreign individuals)
  • prophylactically in kittens exposed to feline herpesvirus type 1 infection.
  • supplementing the diet with L-lysine
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