Cardioforce is a product created to support the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system in companion animals, especially heart functioning.

Through a unique selection of ingredients, Cardioforce regulates and supports the work of the heart muscle.

Creatine – is an important source of energy during the work of muscles, including the heart muscle. Scientific studies show that supplementation of this compound effectively improves heart performance.

L-Arginine – an amino acid that restores the proper course of nitric oxide synthesis. Supports the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disorders.

Taurine – is the most important amino acid in the heart, affects its beating and contractility. It plays an important role in calcium metabolism in the heart and supports prevention of many cardiovascular disorders.

L-carnitine – is a substance necessary for energy metabolism of fatty acids. It significantly strengthens the strength of myocardial contraction.

Coenzyme Q10 and vitamins A and E – important and effective antioxidants.

Folic acid – affects the appropriate concentration of homocysteine.

Willow bark extract – supports inflammation relieving processes,


  • supplementing the diet in individuals with cardiovascular disorders
  • supports the functioning of the heart muscle in pets in whom general anesthesia was required during the procedure,
  • L-arginine deficiencies,
  • systemic deficiencies.
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