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NoStress Gel is a tasty paste recommended to reduce stress in animals. The product provides the body with natural ingredients (L-tryptophan – exogenous amino acid) necessary for the synthesis of serotonin: one of the most important neurotransmitters regulating sleep and affecting mood.

Studies show that the administration of L-tryptophan significantly affects the mental and physical calmness of the animal, by acting on the central nervous system without disturbing other vital functions of the body. Insufficiency of L-tryptophan in the animal’s brain causes their mood swings and anxiety. Numerous studies prove that the increase in L-tryptophan concentration in the brain leads to an increase in the release of “happiness hormone” (serotonin). Dietary supplementation with L-tryptophan favorably affects animal’s behavior, alleviating the symptoms associated with any anxiety reactions.

In addition, the paste is enriched with passionfruit extract (Passiflora Incarata) and lemon balm.

Passionfruit is used when dealing with insomnia, sleep disorders and difficulty falling asleep. The herb perfectly alleviates anxiety and efficiently calms the heartbeat of animals with symptoms typical of nervous disorders. It soothes body reactions caused by high levels of stress.

The leaves of lemon balm contain, among others triterpenes, polyphenolic acids, tannins, flavonoids, organic acids, mineral salts and essential oil. Thanks to this last ingredient, lemon balm shows calming properties.


  • sleep disturbance,
  • stressful situations (visit to the veterinarian, hairdresser, storm, fireworks),
  • travels,
  • behavioral problems.
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