Osteoarthristop is a product designed for animals of large and giant breeds to support the proper development of the locomotor system.

Osteoarthristop contains substances of natural origin: glucosamine (from crustaceans) and chondroitin (from shark cartilage), which are the basic components of articular cartilage. They are part of the so-called glycosaminoglycans – natural substances constituting the intercellular substance (so-called matrix) of cartilage, which is responsible for its mechanical properties – elasticity and the ability to carry loads. Product also contains hydrolyzated poultry protein, rich in sulfur amino acids, necessary for the production of collagen, which is the basic organic component of articular cartilage. In addition, it contains vitamin C and manganese to support collagen synthesis.


  • musculoskeletal system protection
  • supplementing the diet of animals during the growth period, especially recommended for dogs of large and giant breeds,
  • dietary supplements of working animals exposed to high joint loads.
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