Taurine is a sulphuric amino acid encountered within the body mainly in a free state. It takes part in many processes, but its principal function consists in supporting myocardium, proper development of the central nervous system, and boosting the retina. Adequate taurine content in food determines proper reproductive functions in cats, and supports proper growth of kittens. Taurine also supports digestion of dietary fats through the formation of bile salts.

This amino acid determines correct oncotic pressure, and is entailed in the ther-moregulation mechanism boasting hypothermic properties. It also enhances the secretion of vasopressin and oxytocin in the neural part of the pituitary gland, and stimulates GABA-ergic receptors.Taurine is essential not only for cats, but also for dogs of some breeds, particularly those suspected of cardiomyopathy resultant from taurine deficiency (e.g. Cocker spaniel, Golden retriever, Labrador, Doberman). It is also vital in the breeding of dogs, whereas its deficit is encountered mainly in the bitches of large breeds (e.g. Ber-nardine, English Setter, Newfoundland) remaining on an imbalanced diet, and in the animals on the low-protein diet.

Furthermore, taurine acts as very potent antioxidant, also protects the cells against damage caused by heavy metals (e.g. cadmium, copper, lead), as well as promotes the absorption of all fat-soluble vitamins (i.e. A, D, E and K).

Did you know?

Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats that must be incorpo-rated in their diet. The largest amount of taurine is encountered in raw meat and fish. During cooking its quantity drastically drops. No vegetable products are a good source of taurine for carnivores.

Caution: Always dissolve in warm water before serving to the animal.

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