VITActiv is a carefully balanced set of vitamins and minerals for dogs and cats. The product is a perfect complement to the diet of animals of all ages.

The active ingredients contained in the product support the proper functioning, growth and development of the body and supplement the diet with nutrients necessary for health. Including: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants (alpha-lipoic acid, Omega-3 fatty acids) and immune-supporting compounds: beta-glucan 1.3 / 1.6 and brown algae.


Recommended daily amount of the product to be given with the animal feed according to its body weight:

Cats and dogs up to 15 kg – 1 capsule

Medium dogs 15-30 kg – 2 capsules

Large dogs over 30 kg – 3 capsules

If needed, it is recommended to open the capsule and mix the contents with the feed. If the way of feeding is based only on dry feed, it should be slightly moistened, to ensure good adhesion of the capsule contents and its complete intake.


  • during periods of reduced immunity, stressful situations,
  • for puppies, kittens during growth,
  • to balance dietary deficiencies,
  • during convalescence.
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