Shop regulations

The seller and the owner of the Internet Shop is Regis sp. z o.o. based in Kraków at Walerego Sławka 3A, postcode 30-633, entered into the National Court Register by the District Court for Kraków Śródmieście in Kraków, XI Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS number 0000129238, NIP 683-000-75-37, REGON number 350534035, share capital 510 000 PLN (paid full). Contact with the Seller and how to communicate:

  • by phone; phone number: +48 (12) 635 67 00 on working days from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m (GMT+1);
  • by e-mail; e-mail address:
  • by mail; local delivery address: Targowisko 553, Kłaj 32-015, POLAND.


Lead Time – the time taken for the Order to be completed and issued to the Supplier for delivery to the address indicated by the Customer; Lead Time does not include delivery time

Business Days – means the days of the week from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

Client – an entity with full legal capacity, who under the conditions specified in the Regulations places an Order at the Online Store, and for whom services are provided electronically by the Seller

Consumer – a natural person making a legal transaction with an entrepreneur that is not directly related to his/her business or professional activity

Account – electronically provided service; modifiable element of the Store, created after the Client’s registration, in which the Client’s information and documentation related to his/her Orders are gathered

Basket – a service provided electronically; a form constituting an integral part of the Shop’s purchasing system, in which the Customer defines and approves the subject and conditions of an Order

Newsletter – a free service provided electronically, by means of which the Seller informs the Client about new products in the Store, through periodical sending of selected and appropriately edited content in the form of an electronic letter

Privacy Policy – a document regulating the safety of privacy protection and processing of Customers’ personal data; Privacy Policy is an attachment to the Terms and Conditions, available at this address

Shop regulations – the Rules are made available free of charge before the conclusion of agreements on the website of the Online Store, and also – at the request of the Client – in such a way that enables the Client to obtain, reproduce and record the content of the Rules by means of a teleinformatic system

Registration – service provided electronically; procedure performed by the Customer in order to set up an Account and, possibly, to complete an Order and use certain functions of the Internet Shop

Online Store (Store) – Internet service available at, using which the Client may in particular place an Order for available Goods

Goods – product available at the Online Store, which may be the subject of a Sales Agreement; essential and particular characteristics of each Good are available at the subpage of the Online Store assigned to it

Sales Agreement – a contract of sale of Goods within the meaning of the Act of 23 April 1964. – Civil Code, concluded according to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions between the Seller and the Customer, through the Store’s sales system

Order – a declaration of will of the Client leading directly to the conclusion of a Sales Agreement and indicating the material terms thereof, made with the use of the Basket function; Orders can be placed electronically via the Store’s sales system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year, subject to the fact that they are processed on Business Days from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (GMT+1); the Client can place Orders only for available Goods

§1. General provisions

  1. These Terms and Conditions define the rules for the use of Online Store, in particular the conditions for placing an Order and its modification, setting up and maintaining an Account, making payments, delivery, filing complaints, as well as other rights and obligations of the Client and the Seller. A person wishing to use the services of the Store must previously read these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Via the Store the Seller conducts retail sales of Goods. The Store also provides each Client with free electronic services 24 hours a day, 7 days a year. These services are: Order form, registration and login form, Account, Shopping Cart, Newsletter, Wish List, Product search engine.
  3. In order to use the Online Store on the part of the Customer the following minimum technical requirements must be met: device with access to the Internet, installed and updated version of the web browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later version, Mozilla FireFox 20.0 or later version, Apple Safari 4.0 or later version and Google Chrome 23.0 or later version, with enabled JavaScript and Cookies, active e-mail account. Recommended minimum screen resolution: 1024×768 pixels.
  4. The Customer is prohibited to provide unlawful content and to use the Store in a manner that would disrupt its operation or nuisance the Seller and other Customers.
  5. Contracts are concluded in accordance with Polish law.

§2. Registration

  1. In order to create an Account and obtain the status of a registered Customer, it is necessary to complete the registration procedure.
  2. A user gains the status of a registered Customer as a result of completing the necessary registration actions in the Store according to an interactive form. The Customer fills in the form by following the appropriate messages displayed in the form when completing it (in particular, the Customer provides his/her real data and those marked as mandatory) and then activates the “Complete the Registration” button.
  3. The Customer may also create an Account during the Order placement procedure by activating the “Create Account” button.
  4. Using the functions of the forms, the Customer is obliged to provide his/her true data and complete the fields marked as obligatory.
  5. As soon as registration is confirmed by the activation link sent to the Customer’s e-mail address, an agreement for the provision of electronic services for maintaining an Account with the Seller is concluded for an indefinite period.
  6. The Customer may terminate the agreement for maintaining an Account at any time by sending such a statement of intent to the Seller. Termination is effective upon receipt by the Seller. The Seller may terminate the contract for maintaining an Account with a 7-day notice if the Customer violates the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or generally applicable laws.
  7. During the Registration process the Customer gives the password, through which he/she then gains access to the Account. The Customer is obliged to protect the password and shall not make it available to third parties. The Account is not transferable.

§3. Order

  1. The information contained in the Online Store is not an offer within the meaning of the Act of 23 April 1964. – Civil Code, but constitutes an invitation to submit offers by the Customers.
  2. Orders can be placed by Customers who have the status of a registered user of the Online Store or do not have the status of a registered user of the Online Store. The Customer who does not have a registered Account, makes an Order without the registration and logging procedure.
  3. The Client shall make an Order by virtually adding Goods to the Basket. Successful addition shall cause that in the Basket tab the indicator of the Goods on the Order list shall change, which can be freely modified.
  4. After confirming the choice of the Goods, the Customer shall indicate in the Order form the form of shipment of the Order, the form of payment, the address and data for shipment. After completing the Order, the Client confirms it and sends it to the Seller by activating the button “I buy and pay”.
  5. Each time, before sending the Order to the Seller, the Client is shown a summary of the Order for confirmation purposes, i.e. the total price and details of the Order.
  6. In the process of placing the Order, until the button “I buy and pay” is activated, there is a possibility of detecting and correcting errors in the Order by the Customer and its modification through the Store’s sales system. After this moment, the Customer may modify the Order, in particular correct errors in the entered data, until the moment of dispatch of the shipment of Goods by direct, immediate contact with the Seller.
  7. By placing an Order, the Client submits to the Seller an offer to conclude a Sales Agreement for Goods of his choice, under terms and conditions specified by him in the Order. The conclusion of the Sales Agreement is effected by the acceptance of this offer by the Seller, at the moment of receipt by the Client of confirmation of the conditions of the Order, sent by the Seller in an electronic message to the e-mail address provided by the Client in the Order.
  8. The content of the Sales Agreement is recorded, secured and made available to the Client via the Store’s sales system, including in the Client’s Account, and is sent to the Client’s e-mail address provided by the Client when placing an Order. The Client who has placed an Order and has received a statement of acceptance of the offer by the Seller will be provided with a digital document confirming the conclusion of the Contract with its content, in the manner indicated in the previous sentence.
  9. The Order processing time is up to 5 (five) Business Days. Order execution begins after the confirmation received by the Seller from the payment operator (payment by TPay).
  10. After the aforementioned Order Execution Time, the Goods are released to the carrier.

§4. Prices and payments

  1. The prices displayed on the Store’s website are gross prices (including all duties and taxes, including VAT) and expressed in Polish zloty. Prices of Goods do not include delivery costs.
  2. The total price of the Order shall be calculated according to the choices made by the Customer in the Order form, in accordance with the rates indicated therein. The binding price shall be indicated to the Customer in the summary of the Order at the time of its sending to the Seller.
  3. The Customer may pay by electronic payment through an external payment system TPay owned by Krajowy Integrator Płatności S.A. ul. Św. Marcin 73/6 61-808 Poznań NIP: 7773061579 REGON: 300878437 KRS: 0000412357 Share capital: 5 494 980 PLN paid in full.
  4. The Client shall be obliged to pay for the Order not later than within 3 (three) days from the date of concluding the Sales Agreement.
  5. For each sold Goods, a sales document in the form of a personal invoice or a VAT invoice shall be issued upon the Client’s request. The sales document is a confirmation of essential elements of the placed Order.
  6. Prices given in the Store are subject to change (in particular as part of promotional campaigns or sales of Goods), provided that the terms of the Order cannot be changed with respect to the Client who has made an offer in the manner specified above, before the price change.

§5. Delivery

  1. Orders are shipped in the Republic of Poland, unless the parties to the Sales Agreement agree otherwise.
  2. Shipments are delivered by a courier company.
  3. The shipping cost is paid by the Customer.
  4. The shipping cost is prepaid and is dependant on area of destination.
  5. The costs are independent of the quantity of the products sent.
  6. After choosing the type of shipment by the Customer, these costs are added to the Order amount in the summary.
  7. The goods are shipped to the address specified in the Order form. The Seller shall contact the Client immediately if a wrongly filled form makes it impossible to deliver the Order effectively.
  8. Time of delivery of the Order in the territory of the Republic of Poland is up to 5 (five) Business Days, counted from the moment of completing and sending the Order by the Seller (end of the Order Execution Time).
  9. If before shipment release it turns out that the consignment has suffered loss or damage, the Carrier shall immediately establish the condition of the consignment and the circumstances in which the damage occurred. The Carrier shall also do so at the request of the Customer if the Customer claims that the consignment is damaged. The risk of accidental loss of or damage to the Goods shall be transferred to the Client at the moment of delivery.

§6. Complaints

  1. The Seller shall be obliged to deliver defect-free Goods to the Consumer. The Seller shall be liable to the Consumer if the Goods have a physical or legal defect (warranty). If the Goods have a defect the Consumer may file a statement of reduction of price or withdrawal from the Sales Agreement, or demand replacement of defective Goods with goods free from defects or removal of defects.
  2. The warranty shall apply only to Consumers. The parties, the Customer who is not a Consumer and the Seller, exclude between themselves the warranty for defects.
  3. Complaints under warranty should be submitted to the address: REGIS sp. z o.o. Targowisko 553, Kłaj 32-015, POLAND.
  4. In order to facilitate the complaint procedure, the Goods complained of shall be delivered together with the proof of purchase and the complaint notification (that is the indication of the person making the complaint, request for settlement of the complaint and the indication of the defect of the Goods).
  5. The Seller within 14 (fourteen) days shall respond to the Consumer’s request. The Seller will inform the Client about the complaint handling and its outcome in a message sent to the address provided by the Client in the complaint.
  6. Complaint procedure applies respectively to services provided electronically by the Seller. Complaints about services can also be submitted to the e-mail address of the Seller:

§7. Warranty

  1. Selected Goods may be covered by a guarantee granted by the manufacturer or distributor.
  2. In case of such Goods, the information about the existence and content of the guarantee shall be indicated on a subpage of the Online Store dedicated to a given Good.
  3. The guarantee shall not exclude, limit or suspend the Client’s rights under the provisions of the warranty for defects of the sold goods.

§8. Returns

  1. A Consumer who has concluded a remote contract may withdraw from it without giving reasons, making a statement in writing within 14 (fourteen) days from the date: (a) for the Sales Agreement – from taking possession of the Goods by the Consumer or a third party indicated by him other than the carrier; (b) for other agreements – from the date of conclusion of the agreement.
  2. If the Consumer has made a statement of withdrawal from the contract before the Seller accepted his offer, the offer ceases to be binding.
  3. To meet this deadline it is sufficient to send a statement before its expiry. The Client may use the model declaration of withdrawal from the contract, which is attached to these Terms and Conditions. The use of this form by the Customer is not mandatory.
  4. In the event of withdrawal from the Agreement, the Seller shall return to the Consumer all payments received, including the costs of delivery of the Goods (except for additional costs resulting from the method of delivery chosen by the Consumer other than the cheapest ordinary delivery method offered by us), immediately and in any case not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the Seller was informed about the decision to exercise the right of withdrawal from this Agreement.
  5. The Consumer is obliged to return the Goods to the Seller immediately, but no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of withdrawal. To meet the deadline it is sufficient to send back the Goods before its expiry.
  6. The Consumer shall be liable for any diminution in the value of the Goods resulting from using them in a manner beyond what is necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Goods.
  7. The right of withdrawal, does not apply to the Consumer in relation to contracts indicated in Article 38 of the Act of 30 May 2014. on consumer rights, in particular contracts: in which the object of supply is a thing delivered in sealed packaging, which after opening the packaging can not be returned for health care or hygiene reasons, if the packaging has been opened after delivery, for the provision of services, if the entrepreneur has performed the service in full with the express consent of the Consumer, who was informed before the start of the service, that after the fulfillment of the service by the entrepreneur will lose the right to withdraw from the contract, in which the object of supply is a non-prefabricated thing, produced according to the specifications of the Consumer or used to meet his individual needs, in which the subject of the supply are things, which after the supply, because of its nature, are inseparably combined with other things, for the supply of digital content, which is not recorded on a tangible medium, if the performance began with the explicit consent of the Consumer before the expiry of the deadline for withdrawal from the contract and after informing him by the trader of the loss of the right to withdraw.
  8. The direct costs of returning the Goods to the Seller in the situation of withdrawal from the remote contract shall be borne by the Consumer.

§9. Rules regarding the use of discount coupons

  1. A discount coupon entitles to a discount in the amount indicated by the online store The store reserves the right to change the conditions of a promotion at any time. Discount codes have specific expiration dates. After their expiration date, the codes cannot be used.
  2. A promotional offer in the form of discount codes applies only to customers who, during the promotional period, enter a valid code in the “Coupon code” field and confirm it with the “Apply coupon” button when placing an order. Entering a discount code in the field will result in a reduction in the value of the ordered goods by the percentage or monetary value of the discount code given to the Customer.
  3. A discount code can only be used when purchasing goods not covered by other promotions. Discount codes cannot be combined, do not add up and cannot be used to purchase products covered by other promotions (unless the terms of the promotion say otherwise). Only one Discount Code can be used per order.

§10. Newsletter and other electronic services

  1. Each Customer may resign from any of the services which the Seller provides electronically at any time with immediate effect by refraining from using such service, unless the Terms and Conditions provide otherwise.
  2. The Newsletter subscription service is provided free of charge by the Seller to Clients who voluntarily agree to it.
  3. In order to subscribe to the Newsletter the Customer shall perform the following actions: (a) order the Newsletter service through the form available on the website and by providing his/her electronic mail address (e-mail); (b) accept the content of the Terms & Conditions and consent to the transmission of commercial information by electronic communication means related to the Newsletter service; (c) activate the “Join” button; (d) activate the link sent to the e-mail address indicated in the Newsletter form.
  4. As soon as the activation link sent to the Customer’s email address is used, a Newsletter service agreement shall be entered into between the Seller and the Customer for an indefinite period of time.
  5. The Customer may terminate the Newsletter service agreement at any time by deactivating the subscription. Renouncing the Newsletter subscription service shall be done by sending such a declaration of will to the email address or by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button in the email message.
  6. Consent to receive commercial information by means of electronic communication sent by the Seller is voluntary and the Customer may withdraw it at any time.
  7. In order to use the Wish List service, the Client activates the “Add to Wish List” button available on subpages of the Store dedicated to the Goods in order to add them to the wish list. Successful addition of an Item causes the product indicator to change in the wish list icon. To use the service of adding to the wishlist, the Customer does not have to be a registered user of the Store.
  8. The Seller is entitled to prevent the Customer from accessing free services if the Customer acts to the detriment of the Seller or other Customers, or violates the law or the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

§11. Change of Regulations

  1. Seller may change these Terms and Conditions for important legal reasons (change of generally applicable laws on the activities of Sellers or the form of business of the Seller) or technical reasons (modernization of the infrastructure of the Store). The reason for change of the Regulations is each time indicated in the manner indicated below.
  2. Registered Users will be informed of changes to the Terms and Conditions in an e-mail message sent 14 (fourteen) days before the new version of the Terms and Conditions comes into force. Non-registered Customers will be notified in a message displayed on the Store’s home page for 14 (fourteen) days before the new Terms and Conditions take effect. During this time, the Customer must again accept or refuse to accept the Regulations.
  3. Orders placed before the new Regulations came into force shall be processed in accordance with the existing content of the Regulations.

§12. Final provisions

  1. The Customer’s obligations under the Contract shall be fulfilled at the moment of payment for the Goods and delivery and acceptance of the Goods, made in accordance with the Order.
  2. All materials, including graphic elements, the composition of these elements, trademarks and others, available in the Store are the subject of exclusive rights, in particular copyright protection and industrial property rights. The use of materials available in the Store in any form requires each time the consent of the Seller.
  3. In matters not covered by these Regulations shall be governed by common law, in particular the Act of 23.4.1964. – Civil Code, the Act of 17 November 1964 Code of Civil Procedure and the Act of 30.05.2014. – on consumer rights.
  4. In terms of contracts concluded between the Seller and non-Consumer Customers, the Seller shall be liable only in the case of intentional infliction of damage and within the limits of actual losses incurred by the non-Consumer Customer.
  5. A Customer who is a Consumer has the ability to use out-of-court complaint and claim settlement methods, in particular may request mediation or arbitration. For this purpose, an appropriate form must be provided to the institution before which the proceedings will be held – a request for mediation or request for arbitration. The list and addresses of entities conducting such proceedings are available at this address: If the Customer does not wish to use ADR, any disputes arising under the Terms and Conditions or Sales Agreements will be resolved by a common court of general jurisdiction. The Consumer may also use out-of-court ways of dealing with complaints and claims by submitting his/her complaint via the EU ODR online platform, available at: Disputes arising between the Seller and the Customer, who is not a Consumer, shall be submitted to the competent court for the seat of the Seller.
  6. Privacy Policy, located here, is an integral part of these Regulations.

Date of entry into force of the Regulations: 10.05.2021 r.

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